| September 30, 2010

Library Farm

  • Sue Badman

    Ms Bawden,
    Great, inspiration writing you have put out there. I so needed this. I am recent grad from the MLIS school and am looking for a job. I was going to reread books from class to define what a librarian is but this piece liberates me again and reminds me of what I already know, there are no more walls.
    Thank you,
    Sue Badman

  • Shander

    Hi, Sue–

    I just saw your reply….only ten days late! I’m glad you liked the post, and I wish you the best of luck on your job search. I know it ain’t easy out there–keep the faith–Library Power!

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  • Katy

    Hey, there’s a company in the Boston area that lends out chickens! A very cool library concept; I would totally go to a Library Farm. Especially, as you know, if I could take out a donkey for two weeks. I would probably pay serious late fees.

    I love that I can now post on this site, btw!

  • Even when the LibraryFarm freezes over we can still winter garden! I’ve built a couple cold frames:

    We will be able to harvest spinach and lettuce in the middle of January!

  • Shander

    Donkeys! That’s even better than sheep! Except you can’t knit donkey fur. Oh! Oh! The library farm should TOTALLY sheer the sheep after Straight A’s herds them. And then the donkeys will have sweaters for those bitter Syracuse winters!

    Wait…did you say the company in Boston lends chickens? THAT’S AWESOME! Tom: next project? Cold frames for chickens? (I guess that would just be a heated chicken coop.)

  • bagleyc

    I thought you might like to know I just added two Janome sewing machines to our library collection. Our students are ‘green’ and community service oriented and there is a need for these tools on campus. SU MLS 1975-Christine Bagley, Curriculum Resources Librarian, Salve Regina University. bagleyc@salve.edu

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