| September 7, 2011

iSchool Women: Have you heard? You Must Choose Between Romance and Tech

  • Romance over Technology? That’s absurd to me. In fact, I have had a wonderful fulfilling life with the man I love through our shared passions in technology.

    • Macy,  thanks for your comment.  Having a shared interest is very important and a shared career field is a great bonus!  It’s nice to hear from women who don’t fit the stereotype…

  • I relate to your frustration Kelly, I also do not agree with this article. I am a current Information Technology & Management student in my senior year at SU. I balance a family and all that goes with being a mom and I have done it so far. So I can speak on the behalf of women in technology and truly say that this is not true. I do have a supporting husband and children this helps but I think you can balance it all. I am doing it!

    • Good for you Kim!  Your story is more in line with what I’ve witnessed at the iSchool and I’m glad to hear that you’re happily doing it all.

  • Hi, I have unfortunately experienced this. In my university degree, I was one of only a few girls studying my course (technology/computing related) and in my previous jobs I have either been the only woman or one of very few. It is a very male dominated area, although I do believe this is changing. I totally disagree with the ‘romance or tech’ though, In my experience, when I’ve told males what I do, they have been impressed, sometimes a little shocked (because i am a girl?) but by no means do they see it as a turn off, if anything they want to find out more.
    Girl power 😉

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  • Anonymous

    Many years ago, when I did a CS degree at another school, I encountered that “women don’t belong here” attitude from many of the male students, and even a faculty member.  Fortunately, I saw very little of it in my subsequent career, so I hoped that it was dying out.  Now I’m doing grad work at the iSchool, and am disappointed to be encountering it again from one of the males on my project team.  Is the iSchool doing anything to bring these guys into the 21st century???

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