| January 4, 2012

One Librarian’s Resolution for 2012: Battle the Stereotypes

  • What a great, thought-provoking post. I agree with so much of what you wrote, Topher.

    I think it’s really interesting how, when I applied to Syracuse University’s iSchool’s MLIS program, I thought I’d be the only one considering getting a librarianship degree and then not working in a library. A year later as a student in this program, I’m in good company. Sure, maybe I’ll end up practicing librarianship in a library building, but maybe not—and I feel empowered by my fellow students and the faculty who are also thinking outside the box, helping to shape what the field of librarianship will become.

  • Reba Best

    30+ years ago when I working on my library degree, I didn’t tell my friends that I had changed my major. They would have laughed at me so I kept it secret. After graduation, I was one of the first ones to get a job. I have seen a lot of changes over the years and I’m thrilled that students of your calibre are entering the profession.

  • It is no easy fix as we might
    imagine. I think why do we need librarians now that we have the Internet?


  • Es un tema actual sin dudas y un post bien escrito. El tema puntual de las bibliotecas merece un abordaje más profundo para canalizar las necesidades actuales, cada vez mayores con los adelantos tecnológicos.

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