| February 7, 2012

How to Keep Your Website Secure and Avoid Hacking

  • Jenee Silkwood

    I googled “how to keep your web site secure” for a research assignment in my Dreamweaver class and ran across this. Actually, I think you’d ranked #1 for my search. Anyway – some great pointers here for someone learning the ropes. I wouldn’t of even thought to routinely restore a site as part of my precautionary steps to keeping my site safe. Thank you for your wisdom. 

    • Mafudge

       You’re welcome! I’m glad you found the article useful.

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  • so hackers can access the server only by knowing the password right? without knowing the pass can they modify the server files? if so how? cos only site owner or server admin can modify server files as far as i know. so keeping the pass supersafe will totally prevent out site getting compromised?

    • mafudge

      They can access servers in a variety of ways without knowing your username or password. The do this by taking advantage of bugs in the software we use. Once they gain access the typically have enough rights to manipulate files, etc…

      • what about a software to avoid this kind of hacking. how to prevent this?

  • Security is an on-going practice and not just install and you will just leave your website there. Your web host is not the one to blame if you are not taking your responsibility to work on minor maintenance at least by always keeping up-to-date version of your running website – just like Microsoft Windows Operating System, security patches are always released to keep your Windows PC up-to-date and stay secured.

    There are also 3rd party services which will scan and automatically remove malware on your website once you are affected. This service are definitely like hiring a security guard for your website.

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  • Daniel Mejia

    Question, how can I build a secured website with a very tiny budget of 500.00

  • yigal

    hi .i get hacked,i chenged my password, bout a securty that call sitlock, but i still see chenging on the links on the google serch ,like he chenging my land pages.how can i avoid him to get in ?thank you

  • Give us real information

    This thread told you absolutely nothing about how to make your site more secure. Backups and secure passwords, are you serious lol? C’mon that’s hardly a way to make your website more secure. Sure, great preventative measure but like the recent Facebook hack, they were piggybacked and you could have any password on Earth and the keylogger would of still cracked it.

  • lancish

    I want to have a website that is accessible only when the reader of my ebook clicks on a link in the ebook, so there would be no direct access to the site. I’m a newby, but I’m assuming I can put the site password in the link and when the user leaves the site he would carry a new changed password back with him for the next time he clicked on an ebook link. I sure would appreciate your comments. Thanks

  • The Cyber Police these days is very active, but what can you do if a hacker is not from the same country or ally nation?

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