| February 16, 2012

14 Online Resources to Learn iOS Development

  • http://chrisbecker.info/ Chris Becker
  • iancahill

    I would like to throw RareWire.com into the mix. We help build native apps using an XML based description language. It is super easy to learn for those with a web background. We are easier to learn than some of the others listed above.

  • Paul Vieira

    Hackrocket.com we will soon launch an immersive three-month program to teach
    absolute beginners how to build iPhone and iPad apps

  • iancahill

    RareWire.com offers a robust App Creation Studio that allows you to build in HTML5, Javascript or using our own WIRE language. We are currently in beta, but request an invite on our home page and we will send one your way soon. 

  • Chris

    I would also say http://www.raywenderlich.com and http://www.iosprogrammingtutorials.com would also be great places to go to

  • christi parks

    Hello, sir i would like to ask that what is the scope of c programming, what all topics should be covered and it is kinda bothering me … and has anyone studied from this course http://www.wiziq.com/course/2118-learn-how-to-program-in-c-language of c programming language online ?? or tell me any other guidance…

    would really appreciate help… and Also i would like to thank for all the information you are providing on c programming.

  • http://www.gamedevelopmentindia.com/ Marie Weaver

    I had started my ios game development career by using “iPhone App
    Development: Where to Start??”. It’s great online tutorial for beginner.

  • Paul Solt

    I’ve started a blog on iPhone app development for non-programmers and I’m posting videos on YouTube. http://www.iPhoneDev.tv/blog

    My issue with most of these resources is that they aren’t geared towards people without technical backgrounds. There’s also a lot more than just learning to code, and that’s something I’ve learned over the past few years making apps.

  • http://www.facebook.com/michellewchen Michelle Chen

    Also try http://www.redhoop.org/?q=ios+development. It includes 12 courses from Udemy and 9 from Lynda.

  • Mark Petherbridge

    i’d also give http://ios-blog.co.uk a good check out. Awesome tutorials and they run some wicked competitions :) Great list :)

  • Dave Zegher

    I’ve found submitting pull request to open source apps to be a great way to learn. The code base builds nicely, is a larger project, and best of all, an experienced iOS developer looks over your code before they accept the pull request.

    I’d suggest Cheddar App (https://github.com/nothingmagical/cheddar-ios) or ThatInbox (https://github.com/Ink/ThatInbox)

  • Keith De Alwis

    We are a UK based app development company (http://creationapplication.com) and happy to provide career advice, support or simply tech support (for free) to any inspiring app developer.

  • oliverbank

    Hi, Thanks for sharing!! If you don’t want to develop a native app than phone gap is a great resource. Check out: http://www.abksharma.in/2012/12/thoughts-over-application-rejections-by.html

  • http://www.imobdev.com/ Darshan Thakker

    Demand of iOS app development is increase day by day because of the popularity of it. Youngsters have to follow this list to learn online iOS app development.