| February 27, 2012

61 Tech Geek Jobs for LIS Grads

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  • http://colemanfoley.com/ Coleman Foley

    Laura Larsell is an Information Ontologist at Trapit.  She has an MA in library sciences.  She describes her role, and how it relates to librarianship, in this post on the Trapit blog: http://blog.trap.it/86992925

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  • http://alt-librarian-careers.blogspot.com/ Been There

    Hi Mia,
    Lots of example positions are being collected at alt-librarian-careers on Blogspot. See http://sla-divisions.typepad.com/njslajobs/2012/01/new-blog-alt-librarian-careers.html and/or the direct link is http://alt-librarian-careers.blogspot.com/. Although she's blogging anonymously, the author wrote several 'memoir' posts, explaining her personal experience, in the first few entries- so browse back to the 'archives' from January to see them. Best of Luck.

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    This is specially now that there are jobs that are dying these days

  • Jemor

    I graduated with my MLIS in 2012 and have worked at Amazon Kindle, Microsoft Office
    and a contract as a "cybrarian" for an educational startup.

    • Jemor

      Typo, I meant "2010."

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