| March 14, 2012

How Do We Get More Women in Tech?

  • @MDEredita

    Comment? Awesomeness.

  • gradgirl

    Nice to see that you’re addressing the guy factor.  As a female, I’ve felt like a 2nd class citizen at the iSchool – mostly from guy students, not faculty, but all I see the iSchool doing is bringing in more girls for tours and workshops.  The iSchool needs to consider joining with the National Coalition Building Institute (NCBI.org) and having students go through their “welcoming diversity” workshops.  They need to realize that there is a problem at the school, and it’s not just that girls aren’t interested in tech!

    • ariel_n

      That’s a shame. What have been the attitudes of some of the male students? Do you think the tours and workshops are enough for girls?

  • Venkat

    Thats an interesting blog! I liked the advice for both the gender!
    thumbs up!

  • Define sexism and bigotry among. Workforce myself Gay male employed. European company whom allows diversity. Sweden has full equality ratio of engineers. Nordic region majority women. Reason labor laws enforced EU 1970’s. Statistics USA whom getting hired specialized. Employment technology,gaming and electronic industries. It’s whom you now specifically objection. Why? Women place in gender roles. Profound indifference mention pre-dominate departments. Finance,marketing,public relations,legal,human resources and corporate development. Larger firms deficiency advocacy trying. Bring women into American technology firms. Well old male guard do actually. Believe or conceived elated to hire. Europeans never recruit top engineering colleges. I experience nationalism from many. American firms resent others whom individualist. I speak 6 languages present employer. Allow to speak my native tongue.

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    LGBTQ. Apply Apple Inc. CEO Tim Cook is Gay. Doesn’t matter homophobic Apple inc.

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