| April 13, 2012

Advice and Tips for Library School from a First Year MLIS Student

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  • I think gaining experience while you’re in library school is as important as
    completing your assignments. Now i see that many of the classes are only half a
    semester long. Do you think it’s reasonable to take 3 classes – one that is the
    full semester and two that are each half of the semester, while working full time? 


    • Dorotea Szkolar

       Hello Telephone Answering Service, that is something I would ask your
      adviser and also ask other students in your program who previously took
      the classes.  Are the classes only half a semester long because they
      compact everything into a shorter time period?  Also, some classes are
      more challenging then others and require a greater time commitment.   

      I am a full time student and work part time.  This allows me to
      make some money and still have time to do extracurricular activities
      like blogging!   I know distance students who do work full time and can
      handle 2-3 classes a semester.  This, however, is challenging and
      requires commitment.  It really depends on you.  Do you think you could
      handle a full time job and then coming home to write essays or do group
      projects, while balancing the other responsibilities in your life?  Hope this helps!