| July 16, 2012

Data Science: What’s in it for the New Librarian?

  • Sally Goodenough

    Great post, will go and read the book now. But to the statement “we urgently need more professionals who possess a deep understanding of how to transform, analyze, and present data” I would also like to see added “design, define and collect”. Without designing the data structure and defining its components and data values (e.g. using agreed standard vocabularies and/or master/reference data) the transforming, analyzing and presenting is not going to work well.

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  • Steve

    It seems the data science field is highly technical. Where does a librarian (even one with a relatively high-degree of technical expertise compared with the rest of the profession) fit in? Sure, librarians deal with data, but data science is a different ballgame. I pose this question because I have an Information Science degree myself. I’m trying to expand my horizons and I see a lot of opportunities in this field. I don’t know if it is beyond my reach, however. (I won’t be paying for any more education).

    • Guest

      @Steve: I am in agreemetn with you. I’m currently a second-year MLS graduate student in the *only* data science class offered in the MIM or MLS program. I have been reading so much about “Big Data” but I don’t think most library schools, including my own, are equipped to prepare students for the data job market since competition will be steep. It’s difficult to be an expert Jack-of-all-trades unless, I suppose, you’re a prodigy with a trust fund.

      • Jennifer Williams

        I also agree, and I’d love to hear what the author has to say about this. I am the “tech-savvy” librarian at my institution, but looking at the skills required for data science, I know I’d need additional schooling, which I cannot afford thanks to the extensive loans I had to take out to get the MLS in the first place. I’d love to transition into this field, but how?

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