| January 15, 2013

Save the School Librarians

  • Emerald

    Great article, Alison! I just finished my application to the iSchool and want nothing more than to become a librarian in a school system. I honestly had no clue that librarians were being cut — and so many of them too. I figured a few here and there because the same has been happening with art and music teachers, but I had no clue the problem was this severe. I’m currently waiting for my confirmation e-mail so I can sign the petition and I have promoted it and your article on Facebook and Twitter. This was incredibly informative.

    Librarians are so incredibly important and essential to students’ lives. All teachers are — no matter the subject. Yet there are people all over the world — parents, government officials, teachers, citizens that aren’t involved in schools — that keep complaining about “today’s generation” of students and the fact that they can’t even read! And what are they doing about it? The exact opposite. It completely infuriates me.

  • sachauncey

    Thank you for this article, Alison. The the remainder of the elementary library media specialists in the East Ramapo School District in Rockland County, NY are on the list to be cut for next year. They let several go this year and split the remaining between buildings. One librarian is servicing five sites. I’ve shared your post on my Facebook page and will also share on Twitter and Google+.

  • Hunter Johnston

    Our school district is planning to cut three full time librarians. Help us stop them #SaveOurLIbrarians