| January 24, 2013

Data Mining in Obama’s 2012 Victory

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  • jerry

    You couple this program to the apparent use of U.S. government. highly sensitive secret information data collecting systems like NSA, IRS,HOMELAND SECURITY,STATE DEPT SPIES, and computer info , TV MEDIA data , phone and computer data ,and you see the 2012 election was rigged and manipulated to the point it was not valid !!!! In addition ,it has made public some of Americas best kept secrets and protection systems form home ground and foreign criminals. It also made your major law enforcement and security departments take their eye off the ball, resulting in recent bombings. This is all the governments fault for overloading the government personal with union and socialist democrats. WE now must start over with laws from congress to make political mining and brainwashing a crime and pronounce unfair elections void. The only option I see this is a USA revolution by the people against the tyranical Government. Or , a TEA Party tax revolt could starve the beuroratic bastards out . FIB and CIA don’t bother to come after me as in am PATRIOT. ONLY ONE MANS OPENION !! You can have OBOMA, I will take FAIRNESS and LIBERITY!
    Copy to Seniture Alixander and Cooker

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