| April 12, 2013

The iSchool’s First MOOC: Lessons Learned

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  • http://twitter.com/erinbartolo Erin Bartolo

    Great post, Charlotte!

  • http://www.moocnewsandreviews.com/ Robert McGuire

    It’s great to see an instructor who is realistic about the challenges and drawbacks of MOOCs but also open to making it work. One thing that new research is starting to hint at — and I wonder if your experience echoes this — is the student’s who don’t complete the MOOC can’t necessarily be marked down as failures. They come to the course with a variety of motives and navigate the space in a variety of ways that my benefit them even if the traditional marker of success — a passing grade from a college instructor — isn’t bestowed at the end. A number of students are lurking along the way, not choosing to do the assignments but getting what they want from the experience.

    • http://twitter.com/Flynnglish Charlotte Flynn

      I think you’re right, Roger, that we can’t write off non-completions as failures. We need better evaluation metrics.

      • http://www.moocnewsandreviews.com/ Robert McGuire

        Things are moving so quickly in this field, but some evaluation is starting to emerge. One of our writers is going to have a breakdown of the new LyticsLab at Stanford research in a couple days. My favorite graph tracks over 20,000 different trajectories through the material of one course.

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