| May 28, 2013

3 Good Alternatives to Google Reader

  • angiemike6

    Please check out Inoreader. It is a superb replacement and the best of all of them.

  • http://www.faughnfamily.com/ Adam Faughn

    I have been trying to use a few to get ready for the switch, and I keep coming back to Feedly. The "look" is nice, but the mobile app is the main reason I'm pretty sure that's where I'm going.

  • Dinesh Babu

    Have you tried FeedRebel -> http://www.feedrebel.com ? Disclaimer: I built it and love to hear your thoughts about it

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  • Maxx Well

    I've tried Feedly and the Old Reader. Will give NewsBlur a try later.
    BTW, here I've also found an article about 7 Best Google Reader Alternatives.