| June 5, 2013

What is Entrepreneurial Librarianship?

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  • Sarah Bratt

    I would like to see librarians going into the music business…but that’s selfish-music-loving me talking. 🙂
    Your article makes me think that when we talk “entrepreneurial librarianship,” there are at least two things going on :1. librarians going into business, 2. librarians encourage entrepreneurship among patrons But then there’s a third: giving people the confidence to say i COULD do this! Why can’t I go into business?

    Here’s a favorite example of librarian entrepreneurship in term of professional development. Instead of discussing articles post hoc, this radio program was launched for real-time discussion of current events and issues in librarianship. (Originally called “uncontrolled vocabulary.” Gotta love it.)

    • Stephanie C Prato

      Thanks for sharing, Sarah! This is awesome. I agree with you that we often understand entrepreneurship too narrowly. It makes total sense to me that part of what libraries do is connect people to resources, and business resources should be no exception. Check out the New York Public Library’s Small Business Center and take a Virtual Tour of the British Library Business & IP Centre in London at

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