| June 18, 2013

iOS 7 Beta 1: My Test Run

  • joeflateau

    Apple’s strength has always been taking the strengths of other platforms and executing them better than their competitors. Now that Mr. Jobs is gone, I’m not sure they have the leadership to continue doing that.

  • Mike Haddon

    All very good points. I am glad you framed your critique as this being Beta 1 and really tantamount to a prototype. I find it to be slow, buggy, and a battery hog but I think if nothing else it is a fresh take on a familiar environment. Looking forward to additional Betas as they come.

  • Gilley

    My battery life is great, just turn off the pointless background app refresh

  • Kumar Rendren

    Im using iphone 4s…i upgrade my iphone 4s to ios7…bt m nt feel tht ios 7 beta 1 is stable sofware right now….my advice please dont upgrade ios 7 beta 1…wait until beta 2 release…

  • james

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  • osman musa