| August 23, 2013

Cutting the Cable Cord: How I Made the Decision

  • http://google.com/+MichaelLibrizzi Michael Librizzi

    Great article. Also there is YouTube. You'd be surprised how many shows are posting great content. CBS News, ESPN, National Geographic... All post top stories and clips. I've been getting most of my news highlights lately from CBS and ABC on YT.

    For recent grads, another idea is a Sling Box. If you still have a cable box in your parents house you can stream cable anywhere and anytime. You can only play it on 1 device at a time (phone, iPad, TV) so its perfect for a small apt. Cost, around $200.

    Google also just released Chrome Cast. For $35, you can play Netflix YouTube or anything in a Chrome browser on your TV.

    Lastly, check out this recent clip where Keven Spacey talks about the future of content. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P0ukYf_xvgc&feature=youtube_gdata_player

    • http://about.me/muruganpandian Murugan Pandian

      Thank you Michael.

      That was a great talk by Kevin Spacey. He is certainly right; consumers want to be empowered to watch content whenever, anywhere, and on any device.

      Thank you for sharing with us the other options available to watch video content on our TVs.

  • sarisignorelli

    I cut cable out but had to bring it back for the soccer fans in my house--I couldn't find any live streams for soccer--if you have a solution, I'd love to cut cable--we found everything we needed on hulu and netflix. Not to mention that due to the Time Warner dispute with CBS, we can't even stream CBS on their site because it's through TW internet!

    • http://about.me/muruganpandian Murugan Pandian

      I am sure you are glad to hear that CBS and TWC have agreed to end the blackout a few days ago.

      Similar to the need to watch soccer games in your house, I am wondering what to do about watching NBA games. TNT shows the NBA games that are on Tuesday nights and they do do a real good job of it allowing viewers to watch the game from multiple angles at the same time. However, for the other games, I need to see if NBA League Pass or something similar will be available for the Roku.

      I have a close friend who is able to watch the games completely online at various web sites. Some of them the quality of the videos are not too great while some are fine. I might try that strategy along with connecting the laptop to my TV. As far as soccer games, I am sure a similar strategy could be done. If you do a Google search for soccer games online, you will find a few sites that claim they offer the games for viewing. It wouldn't hurt to test them out and, if you do, please let me know.

  • Peter

    Cable is rip off, I got my self a tvedia.com and now I get everything free.

    Movies on demand (it's like netflix on drugs), All the channels just with an internet connection.

  • sarisignorelli

    This looks awesome--I'm def going to check it out. TW cable has now so limited their on-demand I have even less cable services.