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Kelly Lux
I connect people and share information = I work in social media. Executive Editor of Information Space, Director of Social Media at the iSchool, Co-founder of #CMGRchat on twitter and Adjunct Professor teaching Social Media and Online Community Management.

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| February 25, 2014

Faculty Respond to Facebook/WhatsApp Deal and The Death of Big Telecomm


Editor’s note:  Telecommunications is one of the areas of expertise of our faculty here at the iSchool.  Yesterday, “Why WhatsApp is Worth $19 Billion and Why Telecomm Should be Afraid” appeared on Re/code.  Turns out, the article may not represent the full breadth of the situation.  I asked some of our faculty experts to respond: → Read More

| February 18, 2014

Students Running Big-Time Social Media Accounts? Time to Reconsider

Students on Apple computers, male and female

What has become something of a regular happening, happened again last week.   An unidentified student at the helm of the @Cuse account sent a tweet that could result in an NCAA violation for Syracuse University Athletics.  The same error was also made when the same message was posted on the SU Athletics Facebook page.  Both → Read More

| January 15, 2014

Now Hiring: Information Space Bloggers


It’s that time again! Students have returned to campus and Information Space is once again recruiting new bloggers. If you’re reading this, you are either a reader of InfoSpace already, or you saw this tweet on social media; either way, if you’re a Syracuse University student, you’re eligible to become a member of our team. → Read More

| January 14, 2014

Chancellor Kent Syverud visits the Syracuse Student Sandbox his First Day on the Job!

Chancellor Syverud (2nd row, 5th from left), and his wife, Dr. Ruth Chen (2nd row, fourth from left), with student teams at the Syracuse Student Sandbox. Also pictured: John Liddy, Student Sandbox Entrepreneur in Residence.

Editor’s Note:  The following is a guest post from Sarah Roche, co-founder of Platypus TV, a graduate of the Syracuse Student Sandbox and a Community Connector for IDEA. You can find more of her blogs about entrepreneurship here and here. On his first day in his new position, Chancellor Kent Syverud and his wife, Dr. Ruth Chen, → Read More

| December 19, 2013

Drawing with Data: Top 5 Student Data Visualizations

Natural Gas Production and Consumption visualization

Earlier this month, students in Jaime Snyder’s Information Visualization class displayed their semester-culminating work with a poster session.  Topics of the posts ranged from social network users to natural gas production to resources allocated to Syrian Refugees. Here are some highlights of the student’s work, along with a bit of background on each: 1.  Resources → Read More

| December 2, 2013

#GivingTuesday: The Civilized Choice


After (literally) fighting the crowds at Walmart on Friday, and shopping from your desk on Monday, here comes a more civilized option for Tuesday, aptly named #GivingTuesday. Instead of being consumed by a frenzy of buying stuff you and no one else really needs, why not kick off the holiday season by giving back and → Read More

| August 23, 2013

Cutting the Cable Cord: How I Made the Decision


(Editor’s Note: Today’s Guest Blogger is iSchool alumnus Murugan Pandian. He received his Master’s degree in Information Management in 2008. He is a project efficiency expert and recently joined St. Joseph’s Hospital, Syracuse, as a product manager. Murugan wanted to share his experience and his decision here for the benefit of others who may be considering the same → Read More

| August 16, 2013

10 Things Your Startup Can Learn From Rebelmouse


I’m a big fan of Rebelmouse.  One of the most successful startups of the past year, Rebelmouse has a lot to teach other aspiring entrpreneurs and startups about how to be super-successful.   Here are ten lessons you can take away from the rise of Rebelmouse. 1.  Make your product awesome.  This is clearly the → Read More

| August 12, 2013

Join the Team: InfoSpace Bloggers Wanted

Screen Shot 2013-08-12 at 3.51.01 PM

I love to blog.  Do you love to blog? Maybe you’ve never blogged before, but you love to write and you have a passion for a tech topic(s).   Either way, we’re looking for you, Syracuse University students, to join Information Space. Here are a few facts: We’ve been publishing posts by mostly students, but → Read More

| July 12, 2013

LinkedIn and the MLIS Job Search

Image via

MLIS students, and librarians in general, are possessed of singular skills that are valuable in a variety of positions, but they’re not always sure what those positions might be. While searching LinkedIn recently, I stumbled upon some really interesting Library and Information Science Professionals in job titles and with career paths that some might consider → Read More